Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lovin' Kids

Today was a work day for me at the office, so the kids were at their Aunt Cherie's all day. I sure do miss those little rascals when we aren't together. I am constantly amazed at how entrenched they have become in my heart, mind and soul. I can't even imagine life without them in it! What a blessing they are to Greg and I. My husband, Greg, said he went into each one of their rooms last night before coming to bed, just to make sure they were covered, and as he looked at their little faces, he was overcome with how precious they are and how special this gift we have been given by God is to him.

I, myself, have found the love I have for these sweet little angels has brought me closer to understanding the love our Heavenly Father has for us as well as the pain He must feel when we turn our backs on Him. Through the pain of disciplining them, I come closer to feeling the pain God must feel when he has to let us "learn from our mistakes" and "suffer the consequences of our actions" instead of bailing us out at every turn. Through the joy of spending time in conversation with them, I begin to understand how God loves it when we spend time just talking to Him in prayer. Through the love I have for my kids, I have come to find it unimaginable the pain God must have felt to see Jesus suffer and die for us. Through the preciousness of their innocence and their tender spirits, I have found the key to my relationship with Christ is to be equally trusting and devoted to Him. My kids would do anything for me, and I them. But Christ gave everything to be with me for eternity, how can I dare do any less for Him?

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