Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wow, what a weekend!

My family and I have just returned from 5 days on the East Fork of the Black River in Alpine, AZ. It is so beautiful there this time of year with wildflowers blooming everywhere the eye can see and the fish just begging to be caught. The weather was so nice and cool, a much needed change of pace over the hot and humid days we have had in Tucson lately.
We try to get up to the river at least once a month during the summer months, but the August trip is made special by having most of our extended family on my husband's side there with us. It is such a special time to spend together getting to know one another and catching up on each other's lives. The kids all have a blast playing together and they are so much fun to watch. Makayla and her cousin, Ella, went around telling everyone they were twins. It was so cute!
Momma T was there and spent the time fussing over a 1000 piece puzzle I took along - it worked in frustrating most of us, but Momma T is such a trooper, she just kept plugging along! My sister-in-love, Cherie, was right there beside her and they both kept after it until it was done. It was a brand new puzzle and had two pieces missing! Like the puzzle wasn't hard enough already!
The guys had a great time fishing in the mornings, and thanks to their persistence, we were able to have a grand fish dinner on two nights. It was kind of pot luck style, with every family contributing a side dish. The only problem with this is, there are so many good cooks in the family I always tend to overeat! It is a good thing my neice, Becca, is getting into shape for a triathlon she is doing in October - she let me tag along with her on a couple of walks to keep the calories from piling up!
All in all, it was a great 5 days spent in what is certainly "God's Country"!

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