Sunday, August 31, 2008

Diamondbacks Stomped

We were blessed to be given free tickets to sit in a nice, airconditioned box while watching the Diamondbacks play LA Dodgers. Others in the box were members of the Family Life Radio ministry and it was terribly exciting to be able to meet everyone present. We enjoy this radio ministry and had fun talking with the different people and learning what they do in this ministry. They served us a great dinner of - Ball Park Franks, ofcourse! Nothing beats a steaming hot Hot Dog with all the trimmings being eaten at the ball park!! Yum, yum!
Unfortunately, watching this game wasn't the highlight of the evening, since they were "spanked" hard by the Dodgers.
Since this was a birthday celebration for Greg, we also were able to book a room at a super nice hotel close to the park for a super duper great deal online, so we didn't have to drive back yesterday. It was good to get back home today, though, and get the kids back from Cherie and Doug (thank you both for the babysitting!), we really missed them.


Card Family said...

We're lovin your blog :D Sounds like you guys have been having a great summer! Back to homeschooling now? We miss and love you guys!!! :(

Sonia said...

I love getting yours, too! Blogging is helping us all keep up with what is going on in each other's lives so much better! Hugs and Kisses to you all!!!